geri peeling just a few....

geri what a beautiful day! I hope you plans are working out. How was the bus ride?

geri Have a good trip!

geri Did you see his little tiny ladder?

geri leprechaun sweeping the top of the hedge

geri Here we go again ...

geri Yes I did.... finally! I gave it to Carol. Do you want me to make you one now? ;)

geri Dave looks happy! You must be up to no goog today!

geri Is this your new toilet seat?

geri Big patio. What's that on TV?

geri Is that a BBQ in the upper right corner? Inside?

geri beautiful sunshine!

geri Sunny California. Have a good trip. Say hello to everyone!

arrived in la

geri Those look yummy!

geri Really enjoying your photos!

geri Half a bicycle!

geri Are those happy feet? :)

geri He looks like a good doggie.